Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

St. Baldrick's Support

The son of fellow SpiderLabs team member, forensicator, blogger, and long time friend Grayson Lenik is raising money to help fight childhood cancer.

Grayson's son Max raises money through donations at...

...then shaves his head at an event sponsored by the Montana City Fire Department.

Max's goal this year is $1,000. I challenge the forensic community to jump in, support the son of one of their own (who has joined the fight against childhood cancer) and help Max crush his goal like so much crappy malware.

Please consider throwing some chips Max's way! He is a great kid and this is a great cause.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Global Security Report Released

Trustwave has released the 2012 Global Security Report. I wrote the section on data breaches and the Breach Triad. It's a great report all the way around. The team at the SpiderLabs did an outstanding job again this year, and this report is a wonderful summation of a year of hard work.

I highly encourage you to download a free copy from the Trustwave website and set aside some time to read it. It will give IT professionals of all levels a solid picture of the current state of cyber security, methods and trends. I can only imagine how use that will be for those of you trying to budget for security projects in 2012.

Again, kudos to the whole team at Trustwave that put this report together! In my opinion, it's the best one yet!