Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sniper Forensics Accepted at CFS

I found out this week that my presentation, "Sniper Forensics" has been accepted at this year's Computer Forensics Show, in New York.

I gave the first version of this talk last year at SecTor in Toronto and it met with some pretty good reviews. So, I submitted to a few of the larger forensics conferences here in the US, and CFS is the first to pick it up.

Also, there is a great article covering my talk by Lynn Greiner in the Winter 2009 article of "Networker". You can download the article from (just cut and paste the entire link into your browser and the PDF will download):

The talk covers the basic premise that computer forensics has more to do with methodology, and taking a targeted approach to an investigation than with what tools you use. It's a pretty good preso, and after I have given it this year at the US cons, I will post it here for anyone to download.

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