Thursday, August 5, 2010


In case you haven't noticed, I have not posted anything in awhile. That is due to the fact that last week during Black Hat, DEF CON, BSIDES week, my wife ended up in the Emergency Room, and surgery.

She is OK now, an at home recovering, but obviously my focus had to shift from forensics to my family. Once she is back on her feet and feeling better, I will be back to my usual forensic-y goodness.

I also want to give a HUGE thanks to all of you from BSIDES and SANS for sending me your thoughts and prayers. I also want to issue s public apology to the folks at The Next HOPE conference and DEF CON for having to miss my speaking engagements. You have my most sincere apologies, and hope you realize that my absence was a significant medical issue.

Thanks again!

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