Sunday, October 24, 2010

SecTor 2010 - Debuting SF2

I will be debuting the second version of Sniper Forensics, titled, "Target Acquisition" at SecTor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 27th. It's a great conference and I couldn't be more excited!

Here are some quotes about what others are saying about SF2!

“As environments continue to grow in size and complexity, incident response teams entrenched in the “image everything” methodology will find themselves not able to understand the situation as fast as the threat is evolving within a target environment. Adopting the Sniper Forensics Methodology, will decrease the cost of the investigations while providing results many times faster over traditional approaches when applied to modern environments.”

- Nicholas Percoco
Senior Vice President, Trustwave SpiderLabs


“If you have a specific goal, you are much more likely to achieve it. Knowing what you want out of an investigation, before you start, will help you know when you're finished.”

- Jesse Kornblum
Computer Forensics Research Guru, Kyrus Technology


"Using F-Response as part of the "Sniper Forensics" model is the perfect logical extension of our original mission. Get answers, not just information."

- Matt Shannon
Founder, F-Response


“'Sniper Forensics: Target Acquisition' walks up to an analyst and slaps him right in the face! Here are targeted tools and techniques, straight from successful field ops, that every analyst needs to know! Once you've defined your target, go grab the data you need, and optimize your time and resources to get the job done!”

- Harlan Carvey
Vice President of Advanced Technical Projects, Terremark Worldwide
Author of “Windows Forensic Analysis 2nd Edition”
Author of the Blog, “”


  1. Without any intended hyperbole, what I like about the Sniper Forensics presentation is that it brings together common sense, experience, and clarity to put together a great road map for forensics investigations. If you have ever wondered where to begin--or even more, when to stop, you should try to attend this presentation.

  2. Thanks for the props Troy! Much appreciated!