Thursday, June 9, 2011

SANS What Works Summit HUGE success...again...

Once again, Rob Lee and the folks at SANS put on THE conference to attend in the IR/Forensic space! I would like to extend my personal thanks to Rob, the staff at SANS, and all of those in attendance. You all are what continually make this conference such a rousing success year after year.

The presenters just keep getting better year after year (although Harlan Carvey was sorely missed)! Kristinn Gudjonsson slayed it with the new and drastically improved version of Log2Timeline, Hal Pomeranz stunned us with the evolution of the EXT4 filesystem and the massive proliferation that is looming on the horizon, always...Cory Altheide showed once again why he is the Cloud Master!

I don't want to fail to mention the other talks by Sean Morressy whose Katana Lantern product is a MUST HAVE for any agency doing Apple device forensics! Andrew Hay also did a "bang up job" - no pun intended - on his five points talk...very very good stuff!

If I left anyone out, forgive me! I am just touching on the talks that really stuck with me, but all of the content was exceptional this year.

I have said it before, and I will say it again...if you can only attend ONE IR/Forensics conference next year GO TO THIS ONE!!!!

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  1. You and the killer dwarf both slayed it at Summit! I thoroughly enjoyed your talk, and the plugs for command line work! :)