Monday, August 29, 2011

CyberSpeak Interview Available!

My interview on CyberSpeak is now available.

Thanks to Ovie Carroll and George Starcher for taking the time to interview me! I hope your ratings don't drop too much =).


  1. So Chris, I kinda forgot the story... Where did @cpbeefcake come from again? :-) mwahaha

  2. Hey Chris. I listened to your interview on Cyberspeak yesterday during my run and came away thinking that if that was the only opportunity that someone got to know you, they would learn 3 very powerful things:

    1) Self-motivation and self-reliance are light-years better than flashy GUI's with teams of developers who can't explain 'how it works'.

    2) Planning and understanding the criteria of any problem is essential (regardless if its a walk around the block or a DF case.)

    3) Chris will hand-receipt out his tools (but as a result this may also encourage one to develop a sense of accountability of their own.)

    Awesome interview. I dragged out my run just to listen to the whole thing.

  3. Chris -

    Awesome job on the CyberSpeak interview. You had some great lines. My favorite? "If you aren't comfortable with the command line you just need to hug it out".


  4. @Lee...shut it!

    @Tom...thanks man! Notice how all three of those things are unique to Warrant Officers! =) We are our own breed, are we not!