Monday, October 10, 2011

The Great Northern Invasion

So I am heading to Canada twice this month to speak at two different security conferences.

On October 17th, I am presenting a day of Law Enforcement training in Toronto at SecTor followed on the 18th by the debut of Sniper Foreniscs v3.0: Hunt.

Then, on October 25th, I am speaking at SecureTech Canada where I am sitting on a panel discussing Cyber Extortion and Protecting Critical Data.

I am really looking forward to a pile of poutine...and maybe a Keith's!

If anyone is going to SecTor, I will be at Joe Bidali's right across the street from the hotel on most nights. See you there eh!


  1. Chris,

    I will see you there. I have two sessions in the LE track.


  2. Ok..I give... What is Sniper Forensics v 3.0? I am digging but not having much luck.. Thanks!


  3. @Troy...looking forward to seeing you again!'s titled, "Hunt". It focuses on how to approach investigations based on what the system (or malware) is actually DOING rather than relying on AV, IDS/IPS, etc., to tell you. Going to be very kewl...I am really excited about this one. Probably more so that the previous two combined!

  4. No bread pudding north of the boarder?

  5. @Keydet...I'm trying to cut down. =)