Monday, April 2, 2012

Will You Come to Church With Me This Easter?

So, I'm not sure how many of you know about my personal life...not many I imagine, but I am a Christian. This is my testimony.

I am a sinner, and in need of a Savior. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God, who gave up his life on a cross on a hill more than 2000 years ago so save me from my sin. Because of Jesus, I can live a life of victory. Free from my sin, free from the grip of the enemy, and free to be everything God created me to be (like a Lethal Forensicator).

This week at my church, our pastor (Dr. Alex Himaya) challenged us to invite three people to church this Easter Sunday, and to pray for them. Well...I work kids go to a Christian School...and pretty much all of my friends in Tulsa are Christians. Not wanting to dismiss his challenge with a simple, "Sorry...nobody here for me to invite", I thought of my sphere of influence. I wanted to change my mindset to who CAN I invite, not why I can't invite anyone.

So, I was sphere is the forensic/IR world. I have contact with hundreds of fellow Forensicators via this blog, Twitter, and FaceBook. So, I am going to reach out to all of you, around the world, and ask you...

"Will you come to Church with me this Easter Sunday?"

If you would like to attend, you can listen LIVE online! Just click on the link!

It is my prayer that wherever you are in your life, you realize that God loves you because of who you are...not because of what you have done, or what you could ever do. You cannot earn God's's a gift. Given freely. You just have to accept it.

I hope you take this opportunity and join us this Easter Sunday at The Church at Battle Creek, in Broken Arrow, OK via the web.

Happy Easter! (haha...get it...)


  1. I will love to come to church. The message of Christ is ever so powerful.

    have a hoppy easter. My 9 bunnies in my backyard wish you the same as well. LOL

  2. Great! "See" you there!


  3. I encouraged a friend, whom I know does not go to Church but needs to hear the message of the love of God, to go to Church with me. I doubt she will. Cudos to you for being true to your conscience and convictions.

    I'll be spending Easter at Gateway Freewill Baptist, Virginia Beach Va.


  4. I really think you should keep your personal religious beliefs out of your public professional social network. It is offensive to those that do not share your religious beliefs. How do you think your Muslim or Jewish subscribers feel reading about your savior"??? You just turned off many people who only tuned in for your professional blog. Go fornicate, er I mean forensicate your Easter bunny.

  5. 1. This is just who I am. I am a forensic investigator, a avid runner, a PS3 junkie, and a believer in Jesus Christ. Being a Christian is not something I DO, it's something I AM. It's going to come across in every aspect of my life.

    2. This is my personal blog. I frequently share things other than technical information. It's my place to write about this things I am passionate about.

    3. What a great country we live in where we can have different personal beliefs, yet still love the same kind of work!

    Thank you for reading my blog, and taking the time to comment.


  6. That's so correct Being a Christian is who you are not what you do. It reflects in everything you do. Sharing your faith doesn't turn me off your blog. Happy to know you are guided a you are a believer.
    Hoping you had a great Easter.

    A Muslim friend.

  7. I'm encouraged by this post. Thanks for that.

  8. I've only just stumbled across this in my Google Reader, as a fellow Christian forensicator I've been surprised, and only really noticed it this year, how many people in the Forensic sphere have popped up mentioning Jesus or the Bible. It's very encouraging to notice and read. So well done, thank you for your post, you have tonnes of support for this. Can more be done with this? I like to think so, over time.

    From my experiences people of any faith have very little issue with other people expressing their faith. It instead appears to be those who are just most vocal about really not wanting to know anything about, that assume everyone else will also be offended.