Monday, June 16, 2014

Like a Rock

I read this today, and it really struck a chord with me, so I thought I would share.  It's from, "A Leader's Heart: 365-Day Devotional Journal":

Dependability is important in every team's success.  Everyone on the team knows upon whom they can and can't depend.  Allow me to give you what I consider to the essence of dependability:

1. Pure Motives: If someone on the team continually puts themselves and their agenda ahead of what's best for the team, they ave proven themselves to be undependable.  When it comes to teamwork, motives matter.

2. Responsibility: While motivation addresses why people are dependable, responsibility indicates that they want to be dependable.

3. Sound Thinking: Dependability means more than just wanting to take responsibility.  That desire much also be couples with good judgement to be of real value to the team.

4. Consistent Contribution: The final quality of a dependable team player is consistency.  If you can't depend on teammates all the time, then you can't really depend on them any of the time.  Consistency take a depth of character that enables people to follow through no matter how tired, distracted, or overwhelmed they are.

That's all...sorry nothing more forensic-y...I just thought it was solid.

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  1. Great stuff, Chris...very true, and something we often tend to forget.